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We organise over 1000 placement opportunities each year for young people in Peterborough and can be provided to other localities.

What is Work Experience?

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What does work experience involve?

Important details

What we need from you as an employer:


Employers should take account of the safeguarding of young people. The Skills Service includes an explanation of safeguarding as part of the duty of care visit. We will also leave you with an information sheet and poster to share with all staff working with young people. By following the guidance outlined in the information sheet, it should be possible to ensure that the placement is a secure and productive environment for both the provider and the student.


If your insurance company is a member of the Association of British Insurers or Lloyds, then your Employers Liability Insurance will cover a work experience student for the duration of the placement. The insurer must be notified that the employer is planning to take on work experience students. Where a student will be travelling in a vehicle for the purposes of work the vehicle should have business insurance with a competent driver.

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)

The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) provides access to criminal record information through its Disclosure Service. However , in the vast majority of placements, since  the employer / employees involved will not have regular unsupervised access to young people at work – there is no need for DBS checks to take place.  Across the country, around 550,000 work experience placements take place each year and it is estimated that DBS checks take place for just 1% of these.


Students on work experience must not be paid as this is a curriculum activity, however employers can assist with travelling or lunch costs if they wish.

Peterborough schools can contact our Work Experience Co-ordinators on 01733 317493 or 317487 or email us via

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