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What works in employer-led transition skills events

The Careers & Enterprise Company (CEC) recently released a report looking at transition skills for students to take with them into employment and interview situations. The importance of events such as mock interviews and CV writing workshops is recognised by schools, students and employers. Research suggests that students leaving education are finding themselves increasingly up against more and more competition for work, this is despite the fact that they are now in education for longer and generally leave with more qualifications than any other generation before them.

Competition for these work places are now being targeted by older workers who are looking to stay in employment longer and also graduates taking on roles that were once looked at by non-graduates. Employers have stated that young people need to understand the characteristics of the recruitment process and need the skills necessary to navigate this, such as CV writing, communication skills and interviewing well. A 2017 report of 1,744 young adults showed that 60% would have welcomed more help in creating a CV and also in the general recruitment process.

The report finds that both CV workshops and mock interviews offer students the chance not to only gain some experience, but also to receive guidance and feedback from actual employers. It was found that mock interviews are more effective when the student receives feedback to improve their future performance and that the interviews are more effective when the interviewer is a professional from the world of work. This was agreed by 95% of practitioners when asked about transition skills.

In conclusion the report finds that there is a need and strong demand for transition skills events across the board and that these sessions are an important tool for students to gain confidence and experience in the recruitment process.

The Skills Service provide these valuable services through our own mock interview and CV workshop events which are always well received by all involved – students, teachers and employers. From a recent mock interview session for year 11 students in Peterborough a representative from Coca Cola quoted:

“It is a real privilege to be involved with this event and experience the young people’s enthusiasm and plain honesty about their futures. It is very fulfilling to think I may have made even the slightest impact on just one of their lives and future careers.”

To get involved in future sessions, please look at our events calendar or register your interest.

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