STEM Fest Primary Challenge Day

The Peterborough STEM fest for 2019 held a one off challenge day for local primary schools, where the students got to engage in different STEM related challenges.

After the initial introduction and a frantic and fun quiz, which had the students running from one side of the room to the other it was time to start the challenges. Each school took it in turn to visit an event station being run by a local business, and had 20 minutes to complete the set task laid out.

STEM tasks took on maths, science, technology and engineering and included bridge building, coding, forensic science and brain teasers. We as a business ran our origami ducks enterprise challenge (which is usually delivered in schools over a three hour session), with the students working as a team to produce origami ducks by just following some simple instructions (no demonstration!) and then create a living quarters / area for them. ONe team even created a whole pond including fish and other aquatic animals!

This challenge uses teamwork, communication, maths, engineering and problem solving skills to get the best results. The students all got involved and really enjoyed the session, some so much so that they even came back in their break to make a few more ducks!

The whole day was a great success and showcased the amazing skills that can be found in STEM and that it is a FUN area of learning and one that students can get fully involved with. Prizes were given for teams that scored the most points, but everyone were winners by the amount they learnt and teamwork shown.