STEM Challenge

Schools are invited to take part in a STEM Challenge

As part of our plans for the East of England Careers Show 2016, we’re working in partnership with Cambridge Science Centre to help people understand science in a fun way. We’re setting schools a STEM Challenge to see who¬†can inspire the next Newton or Einstein!
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The Challenge: To design an exciting, interactive, exhibit to teach others about science.

The Prize: The winning team will be taken on a guided tour of ‘makespace’ in Cambridge followed by a trip to the Cambridge Science Centre!

The Details: Create a prototype exhibit that helps to explain a specific scientific concept, inspiring audiences of age 6 and above. Existing exhibits range from the energy needed to power a light bulb to the composition of starlight.

Top Tips:
– Make your exhibit eye-catching, interesting and exciting
– Ensure that it is factually accurate
– Keep it simple
– Try to create something original

The Rules:
– You can use any materials to create your prototype, with a few limitations… nothing flammable or hazardous, nothing that requires mains electricity, any liquids must be in sealed containers
– Maximum size for prototypes is 1500mm wide by 1000mm high and it needs to be transportable
– Any year groups can take part in teams of up to 6
– Exhibits will be judged at the East of England Careers Show on 15 July 2016 and the school must attend.

If you want to find out more, please call 01733 863696 or email

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