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Benchmarks 5 and 6

During my recent conversations with schools for many the issue seems to be around finding virtual resources that can be used to support careers learning to act as a temporary replacement for the visits to schools by employers and the opportunity to experience the work place.

Whilst virtual resources cannot replicate the wonderful opportunity to talk to people or visit work places they are probably the best we can hope to manage in the current situation.

The type of virtual resources fall into two broad categories:-

  • Video's about a specific career

  • An introduction to an employment sector

  • The promotion of careers in an individual employer

Videos about a specific career

There are a wealth of websites available that will allow you to show a short video about a career including the following:-

If you come across any other sites please let me know

An introduction to an employment sector

Many employment sectors have bodies representing the sector and I am researching those to find suitable resources. I will let you know when I have further information but if there are any sectors you specifically want resources for please let me know.

The promotion of careers in an individual employer

A number of the larger employers have produced videos about themselves and careers within their organisations. If you need to find a video that promotes careers in a specific sector then I have found that the best way of finding suitable videos is as follows:-

  1. Identify the top twenty UK companies in a sector of interest – a search on Google will help with this

  2. Access the website of the company and look for the YouTube logo (usually at the bottom of the website)

  3. This will take you to their YouTube Channel from where you need to browse the videos to find one that meets your requirements.

I will be researching the top twenty sectors and looking for appropriate YouTube Channels and videos that you can include in your lessons.

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