The 2021 Prince’s Trust Tesco Youth Index

The Prince’s Trust have released their annual Youth Index for 2021 and urges government, employers and charities not to give up on young people and to provide support, guidance and opportunities to those most in need.

The 2021 Prince’s Trust Tesco Youth Index warns of the "devastating toll" on young people’s mental wellbeing as a result of the pandemic

The Prince’s Trust provides support for young people's mental wellbeing across all of it’s programmes and it's youth support workers are online every day to help those in need.

The Prince’s Trust and Tesco are working together to provide mental health resources and support in schools across the UK.

The report has highlighted the determination to impact change with 74% of young people agree that “my generation can change our future for the better” and 58% agreeing that they are “more motivated than ever” to so.

Find out more by visiting the Princes Trust website:

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