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Read all about the 'Grounded Challenge' from Common Ground - a Norwich & Norfolk Festival project

Common Ground are looking to collaborate with 5 creatives under the age of 26 on a social media campaign called #7DaysGrounded.

Payment is £500.

Deadline for applications is midnight on Sunday 18th of April.

Below is a quick brief, with the full version available to download at the bottom of the article.

Common Ground are looking for local young creatives, artists and influencers to collaborate on some social media challenges that combine creative skills and the local environment, to encourage other young people to get out and be creative.

They want the challenges to be short and sweet, and not need any specialist equipment. Maybe you can make a beat out of some sounds you recorded on your phone around town. How about a makeup tutorial inspired by nature? Or maybe you’re the sort of person who can dance to the rhythm of a wood pigeon. Perhaps you’re an adventure photographer who can challenge other young people to take better photos of themselves?

Let them know what you do best, and what you think other young people might like to learn from you.

If hired you’re required to:

  • Attend a virtual collaborator meet up (23rd April)

  • Create a Grounded Challenge

  • Send us video and photo content: Setting the challenge & Completing the challenge + Any other additional content we might need to post the challenge on our socials

  • Post the content on your socials on a set day between 31st May – 4th June 2021

You must be 18-25 years old and live in in the east of England (Norfolk, Suffolk and Peterborough)

Grounded Challenge Brief
PDF • 188KB

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