Matrix Standard

Matrix accreditation awarded to The Skills Service

The Skills Service has been awarded matrix accreditation for delivering impartial information, advice and guidance, which ultimately supports young people in their choice of career, learning, work and life goals. The matrix standard is a unique quality framework that looks at the following four elements: Leadership and Management, Resource, Service Delivery and Continuous Quality Improvement.

During the in-depth two day assessment, a wide range of schools, employers and partner organisations were interviewed about the quality of service provision by an inspector, in addition to all members of staff. The assessor identified the following areas of particular strength:

“Partners particularly valued the brokerage activity between schools and employers which facilitated wider opportunities and ways of working that were mutually beneficial and effective in engaging and raising the aspirations of local young people.”

“School and employer clients described how effective, bespoke and impartial delivery enabled them to define, implement, achieve and exceed their goals and expectations and enhanced the activities they were already implementing through more effective networking, additional activities and added value.”

Miranda Boughton, Senior Co-ordinator for The Skills Service, managed the matrix application process. She commented: “We are thrilled to have achieved the matrix standard. Our focus is on continually improving services and benchmarking against best practice. By following the matrix criteria we will ensure that every member of the team is providing excellent service and that, as a team, we are focused on robust and soundly maintained partner relations.”

Matrix accreditation is for three years with annual Continuous Improvement Checks.

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