Employers lack awareness of new ‘T Levels’

A new report from the CIPD* highlights a lack of awareness amongst employers about the new T Level qualifications that are being introduced in 2020.

T Levels are Level 3 technical qualifications, the equivalent of an A Level, and have come about following an identified need to both improve and simplify vocational study options. T Levels are streamlined into 15 different routes that group together related occupations requiring similar knowledge, skills and behaviours.

Generally lasting over two years, the study programmes will also include a substantial work placement of a minimum 315 hours (average of 50 days). The Department for Education has said that: ‘We are expecting providers and employers to start developing the capacity to deliver work placements now in advance of the introduction of T Levels from 2020.’

The report is based on a survey of 2,000 organisations and aims to uncover employers’ views and attitudes to the new qualifications. Key findings:

The report highlights that much more needs to be done to increase awareness of understanding of the new qualifications. Encouragingly, employers seem to be highly supportive of the reforms, in principle, and it is felt that T Levels could play a key role in addressing employer concerns about the work-readiness of young people.

*You can read the full report here:

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