Travelex Skills Champions

Travelex is the world’s number one brand for foreign retail exchange and has been operating successfully in Peterborough for several years. Travelex decided to build upon the skills present in the business in Peterborough rather than moving to London as a base and have been benefiting from Peterborough and its offer ever since.

Travelex is committed to actively engaging with providers of education in the local community, with the aim to build constructive and mutually beneficial relationships with partners to facilitate a number of core aims. The Skills Service started working with Travelex 18months ago to develop a school engagement plan to support the business’s aim to engage with the local schools with the aims of:

With these aims in mind the business enlisted approx. 10 ambassadors from both management and apprentices to engage with identified activities within schools.

The Skills Service also provided ‘Skills Champion’ training to better awareness of schools and working with students.

Skills Champion Training

This training provides businesses and their employees who are not used to being in school a better awareness and understanding of the key issues they may face such as:


The training delivered the following outcomes to the Travelex Ambassadors:

In September Travelex visited Ken Stimpson school in Peterborough to run a day of Math challenges focusing around currency, foreign exchange and business.

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