Travelex Maths Challenge

Today at Ken Stimpson Community School, currency and exchange rate business, Travelex, delivered a full day of Maths challenges to the whole of year 7. Providing valuable curriculum support, the event got the students to look at how maths is applied to currency and also included a little bit of geography.

Discovering what countries use which currency, the students then learnt how exchange rates work, which for some was a real eye opener as they realised that a bank note that may have the number 1000 on it does not always mean its worth that amount, and when converted to pounds its actually a lot less!

Kelsie, one of the year 7 students absolutely loved the day: “Today I learnt about different countries and what money they use and how the money is converted when we go on holiday. I really enjoyed myself.”

Little hints and tips were also learnt by the students, some that also the teachers were happy to discover – such as it usually a good idea to spend your holiday money as any that is left over is usually not worth as much once you return.

The team from Travelex said “It was a wonderful opportunity to engage with the younger generation of the local community to share our knowledge, expertise and nature of our business. Refreshing and fun.”

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