Mock Interviews

Year 13 students from Thomas Deacon Academy that had decided not to go into further education were given the opportunity to go through a staged real life work interview with volunteers from local businesses.

Students were given job descriptions of a particular role, and were matched to the industry they have an interest in such as marketing, financial, engineering and other areas. Volunteers from Skanska, BGL Group, Buckles Solicitors, AIM Apprenticeships and also ourselves at The Skills Service took the interviews.

There were time slots for each student and they were required to arrive in good time and be prepared as you would for an interview. Each interview had a set number of questions that were typical to what would be asked in a real work place interview, and each volunteer were also given licence to ask a few of their own questions that they felt would add to the experience.

Building on confidence and the do’s and don’ts the students had a valuable experience that they could take with them into future interviews. A common remark from all the businesses volunteers was how well the students performed and that it was encouraging and a pleasure to see such inspiring students.

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