Mock Interviews

A fantastic day was had by both students and professionals at Longsands Academy as 300 year 10 students were given mock interviews. Each student was put through a simulated work interview by one of our volunteer professionals from local businesses where they asked a range of questions that are typical to what an employer would ask in a real life interview situation.

Each interview was 10 minutes long and then also an added 5 minutes for the professional to provide valuable feedback to each student on how they performed and where they can improve – as well as discuss the many positives that came out of each interview.

The sessions ran for the whole school day with students coming in set groups and at pre allotted time slots for their interviews, the whole event was a huge success with the students getting experience and knowledge that they can carry forward to use in future interviews, either for employment or for further education placements. The year 10 students, although some were understandably nervous, took the interviews in their stride and the day was filled with smiling positive faces and it was great to see that already many are thinking seriously about life outside of school whether it is a particular career path or further education.

Suzie Blackburn, Internal Recruiter for Mick George said;

“The mock interview sessions were a great way to engage with the Year 10 students and hopefully provide them with valuable feedback to assist them with improving their interview skills for life after school.”

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