Mock Interviews

The whole of year 10 at Longsands Academy had the opportunity of gaining vital experience in preparation for the world of employment and confidence building by going through a mock work interview with an actual local employer.

Over 290 students throughout the day sat with a volunteer from either Barclays, A14 Project, Tesco, DWP, Marshall Aerospace, NEACO, AIM Apprenticeships, Laing O’Rourke and Cambridge Regional College where they each had a 10 minute interview followed by constructive feedback.

The activity really brought out the best in the students. As they turned up for their allotted interview slot they would sit in the waiting area ready to be taken and introduced to their business volunteer. Many were nervous and maybe worried, but it was amazing to see the impact the interviews had. After the interview they would come away smiling and actually beaming with confidence, with many eager to show off their feedback form and how well they did. For most this was the first interview and interaction with a business. Without going through this session many of the students would of found the prospect of being interviewed daunting, but now they possess the confidence and basic skills to go forward.

Kate Martindale, Careers Lead for Longsands said “This event was excellent, it was wonderful see the students taking their interview very seriously”

Rosina Chester from Marshall Aerospace said “Thank you for inviting us to Longsands as we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The students were wonderful and surprised me with their various ambitions and hobbies”

As well as positive encounter with businesses for the students, the session itself meets three Gatsby Benchmarks for the school – Learning from career and LMI information, Addressing the needs of each pupil and encounter with employees.