Meet the Professionals

We spent two mornings at Sawtry Village Academy back to back with professionals from a variety of businesses, both local and global, meeting the students from year 9. Each professional would spend 10 minutes with a group of 5-6 students talking about the industry they work in and their own backgrounds into work, after the allotted time the students would then move on to the next professional so that they gained an insight into many different areas. Over the session the students individually would get to speak to six different professionals.

We were lucky to have volunteers from Titan Motorsports, The RAF, Royal Navy, Urban & Civic, First Intuition, Codem Composites, A14 Project, Huntingdon District Council and CL Media which gave the students an excellent variation of industry and possible options and routes they could take post school.

The students were able to use some ‘prompt’ cards to ask questions should they need to, but all in all there was lots of engagement and keen interaction from the students who were able to take on board lots of information regarding jobs they did and didn’t realise were out there. The sessions were a perfect way for the students to be out of their comfort zones as well, for example for some they may have just been happy to speak to the Royal Navy, but being a 10 minute rotation they would also speak to an accountant where they would gain an understanding in a area they had previously dismissed or not considered.

The students are able to complete a brief summary after the session which then is included in their careers passport.

One of the most used comments that came from the session was from the professionals who stated that they would of benefited hugely themselves if they had had this kind of opportunity when they were at school.

Gareth John from First Intuition said “I was very surprised how many of the students I met already had a clear idea of what sort of career they wanted, but tried to reassure those that don’t know yet that I was in my 20’s before I found the vocation that would give me a rewarding career. A thoroughly enjoyable morning!”

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