Meet the Professional

Meet the Professional

Groups of Year 9 students at Ken Stimpson Community School in Peterborough benefited from a series of informal ‘Meet the Professional’ sessions, including an Engineer from Caterpillar UK.

Malcolm Trimm said afterwards: “Not quite knowing what to expect and at what level to pitch my chat I opted for the safe route of a PowerPoint presentation with a few ‘bells and whistles’ demonstrations – I needn’t have worried as the youngsters were attentive, interested, answered my questions and even laughed at one or two of my jokes. They seemed to appreciate someone from the community enlightening them about the world of work and I felt that my time had been invested in a very worthwhile way.”

Hazel Cottrell from Creative Content Company also carried out a session, commenting that: “It’s a really nice chance to teach the students about different jobs available in the real world, showing them that you can do anything if you put your mind to it. I thoroughly enjoy these sessions with students and it’s great to see the ‘lightbulb’ moments as you inspire them to think about their futures in a different way.”

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