Interview tips and Post 18 options

Neale Wade Academy year 12 students were given the opportunity to learn more about their post 18 options and also gain experience and tips on interviews, both for employers and FE settings.

In the morning The Skills Service along with Cambridgeshire Commodities gave a talk on the Do’s and Don’t when having an interview and preparing for one, the students then got to practise their skills and techniques by interviewing each other using typical questions that would be asked in a real interview. As well as the questions they also practised body language and ironed out any possible traits they may have that could put them at a disadvantaged.

After the interview session they then had an interactive talk with NEACO on post 18 options. This session looked at University, Apprenticeships, Employment and Gap Years. The discussion gave the students the opportunity to ask any questions they had  and to answer any worries they may feel towards certain options.

There was also a CV writing workshop for the students and the afternoon consisted of mock interviews where volunteers from local businesses interviewed the students in a staged real work place job interview, giving a valuable experience and confidence for future possibilities.

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