Grab a Grade Week

Students at Thomas Clarkson Academy had their annual Grab a Grade week where they experienced interactions with businesses, enterprise challenges and work experience.

We spent the week working with the whole of year 7, students from year 9 and the year 12’s. Monday through to Wednesday we ran the Ducks Enterprise Challenge with the year 7’s. On each day there were 10 teams of 8 who were tasked to set up a virtual business making and selling origami ducks. Each team had to appoint job roles that you would typically find in a business such as a Managing Director, Accountant, Sales Exec, Buyer, QC and production staff. Working across five virtual days the teams had to purchase raw materials for production and then sell to a panel of buyers (consisting of staff members and students on work experience), whilst also tackling daily issues such as rent, tax and staff wages. After the final virtual day the team with the most profit were the winners – although recognition was given for teamwork and outstanding individuals.

Thursday was the turn of year 9’s, this time we ran the Build a Business challenge, similar to Ducks they were split into teams but this time they were given a random ordinary household object which they then had to turn into something else and build a businesses around it by creating a brand, advertising routes, target market and a complete set of accounts. They would then pitch their idea to a panel of professionals who would watch their presentations and ask questions – they would then decide on the winners taking into account the idea, the presentation and the teamwork.

Finally on Friday we saw the year 12 students who took part in the Ducks Challenge, this time though with a difference – we turned it more into a assessment centre and we were more stricter with instructions.

The whole week was a huge success for the students as they gained new and valuable skills building up their confidence for future employment. For many it was a chance to step out of their comfort zones and interact with other’s who they normally wouldn’t.