Hampton Finance Workshop

Finance Workshops

Teachers at Hampton College were keen to introduce their Sixth Form students to the realities of living independently, in particular the management of personal finances.

Christina Clarke of Hampton College, said: “The Skills Service sourced a speaker for us and he had been given a clear brief as to what we hoped he could deliver. We were really pleased that the speaker successfully navigated the subject with good engagement with the pupils: the students were well-informed as a result and we feel they will continue to feel the benefit of that knowledge not only as they approach adulthood, but beyond into adulthood itself. A very worthwhile exercise.”

Victor Sacks, an Independent Financial Adviser for Ringrose Grimley, delivered the finance workshops, covering issues such as how to run a bank account, overdrafts, loans, credit and debit cards, pay slips, APR, phone contracts, how to work out a cost of living budget and the costs of living independently. After the event he commented that: “I thought the sessions went really well. I spoke to a few of the students afterwards who found it very informative and very much an eye opener!”

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