Employability Day

We spent two days with year 9 students from Abbey College Ramsay along with volunteers from Hotel Chocolat, Peterborough Regional College, Huntingdonshire District Council, DWP and University Centre Peterborough looking at employability.

The students took part in a carousal of activities throughout the days looking at the following content –

The sessions were lead by the volunteers from the colleges and businesses and was a great way for the students to get first hand knowledge from industry experts.  Interactive workshops gave the students the opportunity to build on techniques and confidence that perhaps they may not have the chance to do at their current age and year group.

With the students looking at going on work experience in year 10 this gave them valuable knowledge on how to construct their CV’s, boost confidence for possible interviews and also an insight into what to expect in the world of work.

It was great to see that so many of the students took the opportunity to get involved and really engage with the volunteers throughout the sessions, with some really excellent individual responses the two days were a great success.

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