Duck Production

The Deepings School got involved with the fantastic business challenge Ducks Production, and enterprise session to introduce work ethics and employability skills. Students from year 7 were set up into groups (businesses), they then designated specific job roles to each other such as manager, accountant, sales exec, buyer and production staff.

The challenge for the students was to then create paper ducks and sell these to a panel of buyers – the winners being the business that made the most profit. Set out over a week of simulated days they were able to buy raw products from the shop to make their ducks whilst making sure they paid the bank rent and staff wages.

The session gives the students a taste of the world of work and how a business may build itself. Team work and communication is in abundance as each team grows in confidence throughout the challenge. Students learn other important skills such as negotiation and cash handling.

Local employers British Sugar and OAL Group sent volunteer representatives to help run the session and be the guest buyers of the ducks. They then gave a Q&A session at the end and spoke about their roles within the business sector they work.

Linda Taylor, Careers and Events Manager for the Deepings School said;

“The aim of the event was to introduce new skills linked to employability that would not only help students in their subject lessons, but also eventually out in the workplace.  They included time management, creativity, problem-solving and raising financial awareness.

 It was lovely to see students working in non-friendship groups and becoming more confident as the day progressed, learning how to work together as a team to achieve the required outcomes. They were fully engaged for the whole time and embraced the tasks with enthusiasm, resilience and determination”

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