Duck Production

Students from year 8 at Ken Stimpson school took part in the Duck Production enterprise challenge where they were split into 12 teams to compete against each other to make the most profit.

Each team assigned specific roles to each other such as a manager, accountant, buyer, sales exec and production staff. Then they worked for four simulated days to create paper ducks to sell to a board of companies (volunteers from local businesses) whilst managing their cash flow and production. We set up a shop to buy materials from and also a bank where they can pay wages and rent – as well as any bonuses or fines that may be given out!

It was a great session with the teams getting involved and having some superb unique selling points to promote their ducks, including an interactive button that when pressed the staff ‘quacked’!

The winning team was the Rubber Duck company who made over £1000 profit and in the process won themselves a well earned box of chocolates.

The event required all the teams to use skills such as team work, communication, initiative and negotiation to achieve the best results, typical to that of a real working business.

Volunteers from Perkins and Travelex came and helped run the session and posed as the buyers of the duck.

Jennifer from Travelex said “The children were very entertaining with bright ideas. They were very switched on”

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