Duck Production

Year 7 and 8 students from Thomas Clarkson Academy in Wisbech took part in a ‘Duck Production’ enterprise challenge, a manufacturing simulation designed to encourage entrepreneurship and help to develop key workplace skills.

Students are assigned real job roles within their company team, with names ranging from ‘Crispy Ducks’ to ‘Donald’s Ducks’, before competing with the other teams to see who can make the most profit from making and selling origami ducks.

A start-up loan allows the teams to buy resources and pay rent and wages. Over a virtual 5 day working week the team work together to produce ducks and negotiate sales with a team of buyers. This event was supported by four employees of Perkins, three of whom were apprentices and one was an ex-student of the school.

The students really enjoyed the experience and it succeeded in making them think about their future and the possibilities that exist for young people. Comments included: “I developed skills in communication and money management”, “I enjoyed being able to experience what it felt like being able to run a company” and “I learnt that not everyone does the same, there are different skills for different jobs.”

This challenge helps to develop skills in team working, leadership, negotiation and problem solving, as well as building an understanding of key roles within the workplace.

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