Creating the Future – Live Brief Project – Build a Business

Today at Cromwell Community College, year 8 students were given an insight into the world of the creative industry by taking part in a build a business style challenge.

Partners Creating the Future along with volunteers from UCP, Tin Fish and freelance creative marketeers, ran the session which started with a presentation to the students from Ursula Capell-Helm the founder of Thrive and also consultant to the creative industry on what the day would entail, the creative industry as a whole and also mindfulness (as this would form part of the brief for the students project).

Set up into teams, the students were not in their general friendship groups to encourage teamwork and replicate the real world, they were given the task of being given a brief from Ursula and to then create a new product based on Ursula’s own business Thrive. They would have to come up with an idea for health and well being, a name, logo, strap line, reasons for their idea and then to pitch this to the rest of the students and professionals at the end of the day.

It was a fantastic session as the students brainstormed and put into motion skills they potentially didn’t realise they had. Throughout the day guidance was available from the professionals helping, and there was lots of engagement from the students who took a great interest in the task given to them.

All the teams pitched at the end of the session, and it was a testament to the students creativity and willingness to be involved by the quality and success of the pitches. They were all different, with acting, visual posters, facts and research, incentives to buy into their product and so much more on show.

After the day, marketeer Red, from Tin Fish said that it was quite astonishing the talent on show and how some of the students seemed to have a natural creative talent. So much so that some of the ideas could have been pitched by himself to his own boss!


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