Peterborough School CV Workshop

Careers Profiling & CV Workshop

Year 11 students at The Peterborough School learnt about different careers and CV preparation in the morning session, before working on a 1-2-1 basis with employers in the afternoon to create their own CVs.

CV writing is such an important skill, which can be best taught with the guidance and assistance of employers.

Carmen Coulson, Head of Careers at The Peterborough School, said: “I was delighted with the CV workshop as it spurred students on to produce well-structured, individual CVs. Students received personal attention as they engaged one-on-one with an employer to review and improve their CVs.”

One of the students, Sophie Leggott, gave her feedback on the workshop: “This day was very useful as it gave us a good understanding of what we need on our CVs and what employers look for. I really enjoyed learning from the employers what they looked for and taking on their comments on how to improve my CV.”

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