BoomBizz Business Simulation

BoomBizz Business Challenge

Students from Sir Harry Smith School in Whittlesey finished their school year off with an inspiring morning of business challenges. The main activity was the BoomBizz business simulation where groups of students work together in teams to manufacture products to sell to customers. The activity is designed to introduce youngsters to the challenges of running your own business, working under very strict time limits and using tools to analyse their profitability.

This was followed by another team challenge… making an armchair using only balloons and sellotape! This challenge is used in real life recruitment situations and seemed initially quite daunting for the students. Once they put their minds to it, the students all thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and there was much anticipation for the final challenge – sitting fully on their chair for a whole minute without it going pop!

Balloon armchair challenge

The winning teams for both events received goody bags including vouchers to spend in the Queensgate shopping centre.

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