Apprenticeships Uncovered

Apprenticeships Uncovered

43 employers attended the business networking part of this event, which was hosted at the Knights Hill Great Barn in King’s Lynn. Presentations focused on using apprenticeships as a tool for growth, success stories from local organisations and an update on apprenticeship reforms. The presentations really highlighted the need to promote the benefits of apprenticeships further, particularly through schools, as businesses are not getting the volume in applications.

The business event was followed by a marketplace for young people and their parents to find out more about apprenticeships and the opportunities available locally. This was attended by 50 people, which might not sound like a huge number, but exhibitors were really impressed by the quality of interactions as these were young people who are genuinely interested in apprenticeships.

The benefit of holding this event outside of a school meant that visitors were more relaxed and willing to explore options. Anne Clarke Associates recruited somebody on the night and Nestle signed up a really enthusiastic applicant.

Trevor Diack from BAE System commented that: “It was good to hear from the teacher about the impact of exam grade changes on schools, as this does directly affect the exam selection criteria for Apprenticeships. It was also interesting to meet other types of service company, such as firms who match potential candidates with Apprentice job opportunities.”

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