Apprenticeship Case Study – Bespak


Name: Sam Lester
Current Role: Plastic Injection Moulding Apprentice

Apprenticeship Programme
Pathway: Engineering Plastic Injection Moulding
Start Date: Aug 2013
Completion Date: Aug 2016

I knew a little about plastic injection moulding, but not enough to stop the waterways taking me by surprise!

I began my apprenticeship at Bespak in August 2013 after completing A-levels at Downham Market Sixth Form. Instead of going to University I decided to complete an apprenticeship, as it gives me the opportunity to gain recognised qualifications and skills, important first-hand experience in the engineering industry, and the obvious advantage – getting paid whilst learning!

From day one I have been on-site at Bespak, working in various departments to learn how the company operates and the importance of each department within the Bespak structure. Currently I am working alongside Technical Operators in the manufacturing areas at Bespak, supporting tasks to increase my skills and knowledge in plastic injection moulding. I have worked on tool changes, programming robots, and putting machines into production.

From Sept 2013 – July 2014 I attended Cambridge Regional College one day per week to complete ‘Performing Engineering Operations’ at Level 2, which includes hand fitting, turning and electronics. I also attended ‘G&A Moulding Technology’ in Peterborough in one week blocks to build my theory knowledge and practical skills in Injection Moulding.

I am now 2 years into my three year apprenticeship and I have thoroughly enjoyed it so far, and I look forward to what the future holds.

Bestpak apprentice


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