Skills Champions

What is a Skills Champion?

A Skills Champion is an employee who is interested in working with young people on a wide range of activities and events to help them better understand the world of work and future employment opportunities.

A Skills Champion can be employed in any occupational area and there are no formal entry requirements needed to take part.

What is involved in becoming a Skills Champion?

We will provide a few hours of training which is FREE of charge. The training covers useful information about the current educational system; how to successfully engage with young people; information about the events and activities you can be involved in and communication/presentation skills that should be used in the role.

“Having an NHS background with little exposure to the education sector, I took away a vast amount of information and some great tips and tricks that I’m sure will help me in the future.”
Quote from Skills Champion Rebecca Wimbleton, Widening Participation Officer, Health Education East of England

Following the training Skills Champions will be asked to support young people with a variety of work related learning activities for a minimum of three sessions in any one academic year. This could be on an hourly/half day or full day basis. Staff from The Skills Service and other Champions will always accompany you during events and activities.

We realise that your own business always has to take priority and that you can only support young people when work commitment allows, we therefore give you plenty of notice about upcoming events and enable you to choose your own activities.

Who will Skills Champions support?

Skills Champions support young people aged 15 to 19, however this may vary. They will be involved in providing advice and support for a range of events such as:

What are the benefits of the Skills Champion programme?

To Young People and Teachers:

To Businesses:

To Skills Champions:

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