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The Business Sustainability Challenge will be a ‘Solve the Problem’ activity using situations from real businesses, in partnership with PECT. Education settings will have the chance to learn about some of the sustainability issues local businesses are facing. In an Apprentice style bid, students will be given a choice of several different challenges from which they will need to decide which one they would like to address.

The students will then be given the opportunity to go away, research and prepare a solution, before pitching it back. The winning idea/concept will be chosen by a panel of experts in both sustainability and from the chosen business/industry.

Ideal for students from Secondary up to (but not including) University age. This Challenge will be available to educational settings across the East Region. Teams must be no more than 6 students but can be supported by a nominated member of staff/responsible adult.



Team registration is now open until 12th February 2021 or until all spaces have been filled (whichever comes first). To register, email

Presentations must be ready by the 23rd April 2021, with virtual presentations to the panel taking place the week after.

Further details of the challenges along with confirmed final dates will be sent upon completion of registration for this event.

This is your chance to take on the world and show that young people can have a positive influence on businesses, our communities but above all our planet. So, get involved and make a difference!



Rubbish is a huge problem for our environment. Every week we dispose of around 3kg of rubbish, per person! The more we waste, the more natural resources we use and the more we increase pollution across our world. Did you know that about 10% of the world’s plastic ends up in the ocean? Over 1 million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals die every year from trying to eat these plastics which they mistake for food.

Recycling decreases the use of resources, reduces pollution, and reduces the amount of rubbish ending up in our oceans and in landfill sites. We need people to – REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE.

The Skills Service and PECT have teamed up with MIBIN Ltd who have created a new compartmentalised wheelie bin to try and overcome the problem of multiple bins and now we want to know what you think.



  • Your product must be made of sustainable materials

  • Use bright colours but make sure the materials are available and not too expensive

  • Think of a unique selling point (USP) such as sensors to notify people when it’s full, a sanitising method or something similar

  • Consider ease of use – can a person with physical difficulties use it?

Download your entry pack and get creative. All entries will be judged by Bob O'Connell – the Managing Director of MIBIN Ltd.

Recycling Bottles
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