Work Experience

October 2019 is the month to celebrate work experience and the positive impact that both students and businesses receive from going out on a placements and taking a student on a placement.

Work experience provides students with the confidence and experience to take into their chosen careers and future work, it provides them with a valuable entry on their CV’s and it also gives employers the chance to engage with a school career programme and help guide and support the future workforce.

At The Skills Service we look after the placements for schools in Peterborough, Rutland and Stamford and have spent the first couple of months of the new school year meeting with schools to go through their options and get the ball rolling on their work experience programmes. Last year we helped over 1400 students both pre and post 16 enter safely into a work placement.  We cover many industry sectors from retail, healthcare, engineering, motorsport, animal care, mechanics, food establishments, education and many more giving students a wide range of options and chances to find a suitable placement.

One such success from last year was a placement at Bradshaw Electricals (main pic) where a year 10 student got involved with many aspects of the company and got hands on with the practical side of things learning new skills and getting some wonderful experience which will help with their future career choices.