Talent Portal

The Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority recently launched their Talent Portal as a response to help support people and businesses that are either job hunting or looking to fill vacancies.

Not just a simple jobs board, the Talent Portal takes a personal approach and supports applicants in matching each other to suitable positions and job seekers. The team behind the portal will look at all the job seekers details and the vacancies available and look to provide a perfect match that will hopefully result in a successful interview and employment.

It’s very simple to get involved as either a job seeker or business that has a vacancy (or multiple ones) to fill. Our easy to use and quick registration forms once completed and submitted will get the ball rolling for you.

As a team we are proud to be supporting the Combined Authority on this venture, and whilst times are uncertain for many at the moment, we hope that we can provide some support through this scheme that will benefit many and make things a little easier and remove some of the current stresses.

You can register and submit your forms through these links:

Business looking to fill vacancies

Job Seeker looking for a job matc