STEM Fest – children start to dream of future careers!

The annual STEM Fest held at the Peterborough Kingsgate Centre drew in a crowd of over 4000! Eager kids looking to discover what the world of STEM can mean to them as possible careers and learning options.

Interactive stands allowed the children with their parents to get hands on in sectors such as engineering, maths, tech, coding and science. They got to meet professionals who were there to inspire and share as much knowledge and information as they could.

We supported the event by having an apprenticeship corner providing useful information to the older children and parents on the benefits of taking an apprenticeship and what is available in the local areas. Children had the opportunity at our stand to write down what they would love to become when older and share this on our interactive board. Hundreds of dreams were posted and included engineers, teachers, police officers, dog trainers for the army, historians, astronauts and LEGO designers!

It was an honour to be part of the day and see so many positive young people with clear thoughts on their futures.