Skills Champion Scheme

Here at the Skills Service we run our Skills Champion scheme which is set up to recruit employers in the local community to support our activities, whilst also giving them the chance to influence training provision locally to help meet their own business needs.

A Skills Champion can be anyone with an interest in working with young people on a range of activities to help them better understand the world of work and future employment opportunities.

To become a Skills Champion you will be required to attend a short training session, lasting approximately 2 – 3 hours. This will brief you on the current education system and give advice on how to successfully engage with young people. We will also discuss with you our upcoming calendar of events and menu of activities, asking that you support a minimum of three sessions per academic year.

To recognise your support, you will receive a certificate and a Skills Champion logo for your company to use to showcase your commitment.

We will be running our next Skills Champion workshop throughout Cambridgeshire in the New Year.

You can register your interest here or click to find out more.