National Apprenticeship Week

National Apprenticeship Week

3rd to 7th February 2019

Benchmarks 1,2 and 7

The National Apprenticeship Week is nearly upon us and it is well worth looking again at some of the resources and information available to you, your students and their parents/carers.

If you are not yet aware of it to launch the week there is a live (and recorded) event under the banner of “The Big Assembly” which is available on Monday 3rd February at 10:30. Details can be found at:-

where you can also access a wealth of information and resources.

Apprenticeships are being promoted through the government’s current campaign “Fire It Up”.

with sections aimed at parents, as well as students, if you link to this from your school website it will contribute towards your achievement of  Benchmarks 1,2 and 7

You may also want to include links to the following websites which provide your teachers, parents and students with a lot more information about Apprenticeships

You can of course access a live link to local apprenticeship vacancies through our website at:-

with the national vacancies service at:-