Mobile Operating Theatre Workshop

Neale Wade Academy was the venue for some amazing workshops today. Operating Theatre Practitioners from University of East Anglia showed potential medical students from Years 9-13 how they work in real operating theatres. The team used a case study to show the students how a case progresses from initial diagnosis through to actual surgery.

The students then had a chance to see how keyhole surgery works, used a UV lamp to see how dirty their hands were, assisted with the birth of a ‘child’ using a special simulator, experienced visual impairment using a range of specially adapted glasses, and also got the chance to see surgical equipment.

The team from UEA answered lots of questions about career pathways, courses and explained the wide range of medical roles.

Many students are unaware that they can have a fantastic career as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner and UEA want to highlight the opportunities available.

We are hoping to bring this event to Peterborough schools this summer….