Inspire Your City – Thomas Deacon Academy

Thomas Deacon Academy youngsters inspire new technology in Peterborough

Ten Peterborough schools have taken up a challenge to come up with new ways the city, its residents and businesses could make the most of its new gigabit connectivity with the Inspire Your City programme launched this week by CityFibre and The Skills Service.

Groups of students will compete against each other to come up with imaginative, high impact services or products that uses the speed and power of CityFibre’s gigabit network. Each of the teams will develop a business plan and pitch their idea to the other teams and a panel of volunteer judges from local businesses.

Three winning teams will be chosen at each event by the judges. Ahead of a final event in March 2020, the top 30 teams will be reduced to 10 in a panel meeting of the judges.

The first school to take part in the challenge was Thomas Deacon Academy:

  • 1st place – Everybodies Band – a wristband that can alert the wearer, carers or medical staff to changes in blood pressure, blood sugar levels and other vital stats
  • 2nd place – BinTech- a grid of automated solar powered bin lorries that could collect community bins in between regular collections
  • 3rd place – Goodscopter – the ‘lean mean delivery machine’ – a fast food solar powered drone delivery service

The judges and teachers attending were impressed with all of the intuitive and detailed plans – including the focus from most teams on being eco-friendly.

Some other ideas that were pitched were;

  • A personalised streaming service
  • A Cybercafe with computer lounge & Virtual Reality room
  • A theft tracking app & live crime map. With emergency situation management system for the emergency services
  • A Eco-Friendly tram system to reduce dependency on fossil fuels
  • A Hospital efficiency triage robot to reduce waiting times
  • A network of Eco, rechargeable, solar bikes for the city with tracking
  • An event recording & live streaming service

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