CyberFirst – Cyber Security Girls Competition – Year 8

CyberFirst Cyber Security Girls Competition – Year 8 Girls

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The  CyberFirst Cyber Security Girls Competition runs online between the 13th and 22nd January.

GCHQ and the NCSC have put a whole series of digitally themed brain teasers together, to show the kind of things you need to learn about  in a digital and cyber context. There are some about coding, others about internet investigations, as well as cryptography and networking. The content covers lots of areas that are not covered in the national curriculum or the GCSE, so may be the only chance students get to try the whole range of learning opportunities before they make their GCSE choices.

Registration is open now, and continues even after the competition starts. The teacher registration link is below

To take part, you register your school on the website, and enter the students’ details. All of the challenges are browser based, so no need for high end kit or corporate networks. The challenges can even be done on iPads and other tablets, and from home too if it’s an option.

Competition Information: