Cyber Prevent Workshops for schools

These free workshops/presentations are available to schools in the Cambs area.

Please get in touch with us for more information.

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ERSOU Cyber Choices Overview

The Cyber Choices program aims to deter young people with an interest, talent or curiosity in computers, coding, gaming and cyber related disciplines from finding themselves in a position where, unknowingly or otherwise, they have broken the law, and to divert those skills and interests to positive usage.

It aims to do this in environments where young people are learning or exercising cyber related skills by:

• Raising awareness of offences covered by the Computer Misuse Act 1990

• Informing of the potential consequences of offending

• Providing early intervention and positive diversions for those on the cusp of committing cyber dependent offences, be that via police investigations or referral by others, including;

  •  Promoting environments where such skills can be exercised legitimately
  •  Raising awareness of the wealth of opportunities in the information security and other relevant sectors.


We offer the following free support to schools, colleges, universities and other educational establishments, in addition to attending STEM and public events;

• Cyber Choices delivery through lectures, workshops or assemblies.

• Teacher awareness sessions.

• Access to resources to support Cyber Choices inputs.

• Referral option for safeguarding meetings with young people at risk.


The eastern region Cyber Choices Officers (Police Staff), work alongside police forces in Beds, Herts, Cambs, Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Kent, as part of a nationwide Regional Cyber Choices Network that works with the National Cyber Crime Unit’s Cyber Choices team. The network’s focus is on cyber dependent crime (broadly covering illegal hacking of computers and networks, denial of service and the writing / distribution / deployment of malicious software).