Bringing the world of work into the classroom

Bringing the world of work into the classroom

Benchmarks 2, 4, 5 and 6

As well as getting employers involved in schools using services such as those provided by The Skills Service, there are other ways that schools can bring the world of work into the classroom.

Taking advantage of modern technology, schools can access a wide range of broadcast quality video content about the world of work through a smart board and laptop.

The resources available include; individuals talking about their career and relating this to specific curriculum subjects and mini documentaries about different occupational areas.

Whilst these videos may not meet the benchmarks on their own, they can support the achievement of the benchmarks and will play an important part in helping your students understand the world of work and help them make well informed and realistic decisions about their future.

There are a range of sources for this video information and it is always worth searching on YouTube for any specific occupations, but you may also want to look at the following resources:

Sites featuring programmes presented in a show or documentary format both with both live and pre-recorded options. There is a lot of information about careers in the health and care sectors available through these two sites;

Sites based around curriculum areas with individuals talking about their career;