Anglian Water Learning at Home

Anglian Water have been supporting schools and students with careers for many many years through many different school sessions and engagements.

Due to the COVID-19 lockdown and school closures, Anglian Water have adapted their support in a response to the current measures.

Available now online for teachers and families is a set of six STEM based online sessions looking at water. There will be another six made available in due course making a total of 12 online sessions.

The first six look at the following:

Lesson 1 – The water cycle

Lesson 2 – How do we clean water

Lesson 3 – Water use in your home

Lesson 4 – Being waterwise

Lesson 5 – Too much water

Lesson 6 – Water use in your home

To access these sessions and for more information you can find everything you need on the Anglian Water page – Learning at Home